Monday, February 11, 2013

Takeaway Chronicles: Kung Fu Kitchen

This is technically not a take away chronicle but more of a lunch time quickie. Had a sushi craving and a limited amount of time so popped out of the office to Kung Fu Kitchen Grayston for a spot of sushi on the go. I called ahead and went for the salmon combo, a colleague orders that at least once a week for lunch -take away.

I have to say that it was fine, perfectly fine. Although I would note that the fashion sandwiches are true to South African style, HUGE and not bite sized. I popped one, ok ok squeezed, into my mouth and had a fear I would choke. If you find me blue in the face lying on the floor know I choked on a fashion sandwich.

Kung Fu Kitchen (Grayston)
Grayston Shopping Centre
Corner Grayston Drive and Helen Road
011 884 5204
Best for: A fairly priced, typical Chinese take away & perfectly fine sushi takeaway.

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