Friday, February 8, 2013

One night at El Burro

El Burro is a Mexican joint that offers authentic cusine, the best I've tried in South Africa, and a tequila bar. Have I mentioned that tequila is one of my favourite alcoholic beverages. ElBurro is warm welcoming, and we happened to have a model-esque, nonchalant waitress which adds to the charm.

I love a good margarita and El Burro served up a great salt rimmed margarita. I could've stayed and drank margaritas all nigh, but we had work to do in the morning.

I was accompanied by fellow foodie Nomi (of Nom Nom Nomi) and we had two starters and two mains to share.

Chilli Rellenos, queso fresco stuffed smoked Jalapenos. What is queso fresco? It's a mild white cheese that melts oh so well and balances the spicy jalapeno. These are spicy! so not for the fainthearted but they sure are tasty.  A picture would not do the rellenos justice.

The Ceviche of diced line fish marinated in lime juice, serrano chillies, red onion, ginger and coriander.It was tasty but was a tad heavy on the red onion for my liking.


Based on the waitress recommendation and popular dishes we went for the Chilorio Pork Tacos and the chicken enchilada verde. The enchilada verde is rich and man sized, don't say you weren't warned.

The Chilorio Pork tacos with guac, salsa, assortment of chillies including a roast tomato salsa and pickles is a winner!

Alas we didn't have space for dessert, but I was told by Fritz of real men can cook that the churros are seriously good, sometimes one serving isn't enough kind of good!

I will be back every time I go to Cape Town, I heart Mexican!

El Burro
81 Main Road, Green Point, Cape Town
021 433 2364
Best for: Mexican dinners with friends and tequila lovers. Oh they also have weekday lunchtime specials.

Follow El Burro on twitter for details @_El_Burro


  1. ahh.. this is the restaurant I'd visit if I were in CT for a day, have heard so much about it!
    That enchilada looks so yummy.
    x H

    1. We need to convince them to have a Jozi Pop Up

  2. ... as of this moment, a visit to said joint has overtaken all hit list priorities yeh :-) looks ravishing, not just the Tequila off course ... great review, thanks for spotting the hidden gem here.