Monday, July 19, 2010

B-day Dinner with Tasha's part 1

Decided to have my bday dinner with girlfriends at Tasha's. It is tradition to have a ladies only gathering on my bday, which is usually a ladies luncheon/ tea. But this year due to the World Cup fever and lack of planning I decided to have a last minute dinner at Tasha's. Why Tasha's you ask?

I have, and yes I've been quoted on it (Eat Out Best Of Breakfast DigiMag), professed that Tasha's is a great all day eatery if not the best in Johannesburg since they haven't syndicated to Cape Town yet. Yet I haven't eaten there at night. So Tasha's it was and those in the know know that they don't take reservations!

So off I went last Tuesday at 18:00 to reserve my table for 9, yes can you believe the birthday girl was the first to arrive at her own dinner to get a table?! I must love Tasha's *eye roll* Here I am planning my dinner party and menu on the fly.

You would be mistaken to think that the Tuesday after the World Cup final Tasha's Melrose Arch would be empty or even quiet. I had my spot all planned out at the bottom end along the bench because it looks cosy and would photograph well. Turns out all their afterwork and dinner patrons had the same idea. On this Tuesday there were business people, families and couples. So there I sat, waiting and willing the patrons at my planned table to leave. Alas they were not willed away and I had to make do with another table.

I've asked for a set of starters to be served like a tasting menu and brought out when all the guests are seated. I ordered two parma turkish breads which were sliced into nine pieces along with the soup of the day which was minestrone. I ordered three full portions of soup which they divided into 9 bowls. The minestrone did not disappoint refer to soup for all seasons. The turkish flatbread itself was a bit like the outside crust of a ciabatta except there was no soft centre. The Parma topping was wonderfully tasty with a good balance of flavours, cherry mozzarrella balls, salty parma ham, peppery rocket and parmesan shavings topped with a sweet balsamic reduction.

The set of starters were winners for sure especially on a cold winter night but honestly put a slice of cured ham in front of me and I'm sold!

Tashas Melrose Arch
Shop 14, The Piazza, Melrose Arch
011 684 1781
Best for:  My favourite all day eatery! Best for all day eating.

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