Saturday, July 17, 2010

World Cup month: At Home Eating

So as i sit and write this evening I have the guilt of not having blogged since the World Cup started. The smell of Thai take away I just ate lingers in the room.

What have I been eating this month? At the World Cup matches mostly whatever's served up in the FIFA VIP. Some hotel eating and a few outings here and there, including a work dinner at Wombles. I have also done some at home eating which is my way of saying take aways.

I'll start with my at home eating highlights.

Thai food from Sai Thai Cyrildene Takeaways from Sai Thai has become a weekly Saturday night ritual in my household. This is what was on the menu tonight
  • Spicy mixed seafood has mussels, prawns, calamari and fish. Be warned if you order hot it's HOT with fresh sliced chillies
  • Prawn Phad Thai which was sweet and not overpowered by the eggy bits with crunchy raw bean sprouts provided a great contrast to the spicy seafood. Honestly I still don't really know what tofu tastes like, yes Phad Thai has tofu.
  • Ginger chicken with fungus (mushroom) the menu says fungus I kid you not. It also comes spicy, with chinese mushrooms and is wonderfully salty .
  • Large side of noodles
It all cost R238, now for everything the picture is lacking the food makes up in flavour. If you find yourself driving past Cyrildene "Johanessburg's own Chinatown" do stop at Sai Thai for a takeaway, you won't regret it especially if you like it spicy!

Sushi from Jungle Sushi Bedfordview
On the way home from work one day decided to try Jungle Sushi. My order was three hand rolls, the salmon platter, prawn tempura roll and tuna rainbow roll. This order was not cost effective!

Ordered salmon and prawn hand rolls, which were great and didn't have too much mayonaisse. I do find find that quite a few places overload with the mayonaisse in hand rolls. I was told that you have to eat your handrolls first otherwise the nori becomes tough.

Salmon sashimi and butter fish sashimi, wonderful but for those who don't know butterfish is very a oily fish.

I was a bit sceptical about the Tuna rainbow roll because the colour of the tuna was not what I'm used to. It went down well but don't think I'd order it again.

The prawn tempura roll was something different, and it was very good, actually a bit of a highlight. a great salty crispy contrast to the rice.

My one complaint was the salmon maki, I mean look at it! it was really rice maki with salmon garnish! My other is that their wasabi was a bit mild, but for a takeaway it was a good try, next time I'll work on more cost effective ordering.

What I did see while waiting for my takeaway was a pancake/ flapjack being made in the teppanyaki area. It's made on the grill and when it's just about ready they add ice cream to eat and the plate it, looks sinful! So will be going back to Jungle Sushi to try the teppanyaki.

So for at home eating Sai Thai wins hands done, but then again I like it SPICY!

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