Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cape Town Calling

I woke this morning craving a croissant not any croissant but a Jardine Bakery croissant. They have by my standards the best croissants in South Africa. Get there early around 07:45/08:00 and you’ll get them fresh and warm out of the oven. They’re light and buttery just as they should be and eating it on a bench on the pavement outside their bakery nook adds to the experience.

That got me thinking of all the places in Cape Town that I would love to have on jozifoodiefix

1. Jardine Bakery

2. La Colombe – I’ve read so many good things about it (courtesy of Abigail’s Diary from Eat Out) I just have to go!

3. Roundhouse – I’ve been there for dinner and that’s when I realised that I prefer Foie Gras pan fried. But would like to try their lunch and less formal offering The rumbullion menu

4. Mr Minato’s – Best sushi in South Africa. Just remember that looks may be deceiving, having a tattoo parlour next door to your restaurant does not provide any indication of quality of food you can expect. It's off long street

If you're in Cape Town let me know what you think. Hopefully I'll make it out there sometime soon.
Jozifoodiefix on location in Cape Town, can't wait!

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