Sunday, July 18, 2010

Working with Wombles

Had a work team dinner at Wombles Parktown North, which has been rated as one of the best in Johannesburg.

How do I rate a steakhouse? I decided that my test will not only be the quality of the steak, but the onion rings and the chips as well. I will order a fillet because it's most tender (medium rare), side of chips which I expect to be salty (yes I expect my chips to be pre-salted), crisp and soft centred and onion rings which should be crispy batter laden and sweet.

Off to Wombles we went a team of 10. As you step in, it well is very 'colonial' with the huge chairs, which I must admit are comfortable. The table is impeccable however the water glass is a standard tall glass, but let's not nitpick. The service is fantastic everything you want a good balance of attentiveness while allowing the table conversation to progress without excessive interruption. Once the entire table was seated Yvette the host took us through the specials for the evening.

For starters I ordered the calamari, which was a good size portion for a starter and was made as good as any other restaurant of this calibre.

Other starters ordered by the table included Gypsy Spits (why name it after a body function I have no idea but I guess it appeals to some patrons), it's earthy mushrooms wrapped in crispy salty bacon served in a buttery sauce. Then there was the prawn mushroom cocktail and that received the quote of the night "f*ck this is good!", this one is button mushrooms topped with prawn tails served in a garlic butter sauce Must Love Garlic!

I was not distracted by the specials and stuck to the test!
Ordered fillet medium rare with chips and onion rings. All tables get complimentary vegetables which were peas, roast baby onions and sweet pumpkin. I opted for the peas and roast baby onions. 

I also ordered a side of mushroom sauce which is served in a small aluminium bowl *gasp* and for a place with so much pomp and ceremony the little details really let them down, first the water glass then this bowl.

My steak was prepared to perfection! The chips were as I feared not pre-salted but thick (as they should be at a steakhouse), crispy with soft centre. The onion rings (which aren't in the pic) are enormous crunchy and sweet. So Wombles has passed the test with a 2.5 out of 3, they lost 0.5 for not pre-salting the chips. The peas were a lovely sweet addition but the onion rings could not be beaten by the roast baby onions which to my surprise were not sweet at all.

The team had no complaints with their food although most of us ordered the Fillet. After the meal there was no space for dessert.

If it is steak you're after and want to feel like you're dining with Henry VIII then Wombles is the place for you.
I prefer a restaurant with a more contemporary feel and in the Parktown North, Parkhurst area you're spoiled for choice with Turn 'n Tender and the Local Grill up the road.

On the note of Steak check out the Eat Out Best of Digimag Best of Steak and Burgers

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  1. Thank-u for this! The presentation isn't too hot though ... Wombles is still a fav of mine :)