Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moyo's Africa for tourists

I have to admit that sometimes I can't be objective about certain eateries and one such eatery is Moyo. I think I just can't buy into their concept of Modern Sophisticated Africa, as I feel that the food is not for a true African but  for tourists. So why was I at Moyo you ask? Well it was a work team dinner with colleagues from the English, Dutch and German practices and to give them an "African" feel off to Moyo we went. We were seated outside and provided with blankets, wonderful music and of course the Moyo painted face. Up to this point wonderful!

I think my opinion towards Moyo clearly prevents me from ordering correctly or from taking good pictures. I ordered the chicken yassa with couscous which is a Senegalese dish of chicken in an olive, tomato and preserved lemon sauce. It was quite salty and this is a lot coming from me who enjoys the saltiest halloumi I can find.

As you will notice I didn't get the cous cous I ordered instead they chose to give me brown rice.
As you can see it seemed and tasted to me that the chicken was boiled seperately and then thrown into the Yassa sauce just before being plated. It did not taste like the chicken was cooked in the Yassa sauce as this would've added another dimension and depth of flavour to the dish. The green olives where salty and the tomato, lemon sauce would've been tasty if I could get past the salt. Note to Moyo if one of your ingredients is salty 'olives' then becareful with your additional seasoning measures.
Now that I'm done venting, I thought that I should be more objective, so I have invited a guest blogger Andile (Stanzo) to give you his view and a complete picture of the same dinner at Moyo. Read Moyo a Fillet Peppered to Perfection

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