Friday, December 3, 2010

All's Fair in Food Wine and Design! Part 2

Now for the main event the Food section of the Food Wine and Design Fair, *cue posh English accent* proudly brought to you by Hyde Park and presented by Sanlam. So what was in the bag?

Yes this is my bag on the passenger seat like a guest, as it should be! Well the foodmarket was wonderful as expected, I mean it was reminiscent of the Old Biscuit Mill, which I wish would pack up it's things leave the beach and settle here with me in the highveld *sigh*

There were oysters which I gobbled up, squeeze of lemon and splash of tobasco, without taking a single picture. They were 12 for R100, which is a steal for something that is renowned for being posh and rich man's food perhaps only a rich man's taste it is. Cheese stalls with tasters all around, wonderful yoghurt stall with lovely bulgarian yoghurt which is available at Pick 'n Pay. Now if only I could remember the name.
Pastry stands, charcuterie on wood and fresh produce tables, I was in absolute heaven.

Now for my highlights:

The mushroom kebabs. I love mushrooms and their earthy taste and they are best prepared lightly seasoned and grilled. These kebabs were earthy salt and smoky with a wonderful assortment of mushrooms. Brown shiitake shime *yum* and they're a great hangover remedy. but watch out for the lady giving me the side eye in the pic lol 

Next are Belle's Patisserie brownies. Do yourself a favour and try the brownies with the honeycomb that has a salty accent that cuts through the wonderful brownie and ganache beautifully plus they're only R8 each. And below are their light whimsical marshmallows

So what made it into the bag Drum Roll Please

Bread from the Vovo Telo stand, love their sourdough,crispy crust and soft slightly and i mean ever so slightly salty sourdough. Basil Pesto from the Pesto Princess (available at Pick 'n Pay) but be warned it's for garlic lovers. Then charcuterie well cured sausages; Chorizo, spicy italian, one with white wine and alot of fennel and another with red wine and paprika. I recall that the charcuterie guy had an apron Honest raw chocolate that is rich smooth chocolatey with slight bitterness and it went amazingly with the organic strawberries and raspberries. Then not be left behind were Belle's Patisserie brownies and the marshmallow. Don't you just think Alice in Wonderland?

Hyde Park's equivalent of a mess hall

It was a wonderful morning spent and worth my R70 entrance. But one word of advice come with an open mind and either a deep pocket or some self restraint.

I just love getting caught up in the foodie buzz and energy with each stall owner selling their produce with gusto much like the way I eat!

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