Friday, December 3, 2010

All's Fair in Food Wine and Design! Part 1

One of the things that warms my heart is a market, not just any market a foodmarket! But not only does it warm my heart but it empties my pocket and fills my shopper. Last sunday I braved the Jozi flash storms to head over to Hyde Park's Food Wine Design Fair (it's very Hyde Park of them to call it that).
I was not to be put out by the struggle to find parking, or by stepping into the murking puddle i ended up parking next to because a market with food is always worth it.The Fair *cue posh English accent* was tented and set on the roof parking of the centre. I started at the design end that had wonderful pieces but alas too rich for my blood.

 If you look closely you'll see the R20 000 ostrich eggshell champagne bowl. It's beautiful but R20000 hmmm maybe when I'm old and grey sipping on champagne all day!

The bags above, I didn't come across any that were less than R1000. Well not any that I liked at least.

There were many interesting pieces like these chairs. Where i would put them heaven knows but they can double as a secret rubbish bin, now what to do about that odour. lol
Then there were artistic pieces like these that I just couldn't understand and let alone appreciate.
The design fair was a wonderful concept and a great teaser for the foodies, i mean really it was like foreplay wonderful and interesting but I'm here for the big my case the food!

Now for part 2 where we get into the real foodie pleasures.... In the meantime guess what ended up in the jozifoodiefix shopper

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