Friday, December 24, 2010

Midweek Bellinis

Had lunch at an old favourite last week, Bellinis in Illovo.
We (my mum, brother and his girlfriend) arrive just before the lunch rush on a rainy Joburg day. If you go to Bellinis you have no option but to order their Fillet. Well let me be clear it's not that you have no other option so much as you have limited options because they have a small menu, but their fillet is top noch so anything else that could have been on the menu won't be missed.

I ended  up going for the fillet, egg and chips which is one of my favourite favourite meals (yes I do have a very hearty appetite). The steak is cooked to perfection medium to slightly rare is the way I like it, lightly seasoned topped with an over easy egg and a side of thin crispy french fries. The fillet was absolutely tender and juicy, with a slight iron taste (those who like their meat medium to rare know exactly what taste I mean) and wonderfully seasoned with salt and pepper Perfection. I must admit the fries were a tad too crispen for me and they didn't do pre-salting. Nevertheless it is still the kind of meal you'd want on a rainy day.

The food was good, however it seemed a bit like the chef made half our table's orders together, took a quick break and had them served then proceeded to make the orders for the other half of our table. I'm polite but when faced with a juicy fillet and a bursting yolk egg, I hate having to wait for everyone else's food to arrive.
As Bellinis fills up you realise how small it is, which reminded my family of the New York spaces slightly tightly packed although it would be considered somewhat spacious by New York standards.

All in all, it was a lovely midweek lunch. So if ever you are looking for a new yet very established restaurant to have a steak, try Bellinis! But beware you may need a quick nap after, as I found out at my desk in one of my more embarrassing incidents. Next time I'll go for dinner instead.

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