Friday, December 24, 2010

Fancy a Quickie in the Motherland

I happened (as I always do lol) to be in the new edition to Rosebank, a quaint slightly upmarket mall next to the Firs and in much need of a coffee. As it was after all only 09:00am. I must admit that I was on route to Vida e Caffe when I stumbled across Motherland Coffee, how american of them *chuckle*

The first thing I notice was the cubano/latin ambient music, but I figured it must be an Angolan or Mozambiquan rendition, which is still the Motherland after all Hallelujah! can I get an AMEN! *double chuckle* What I was pleased to learn is that the coffee is an all African blend of Ethiopan Sidamo and Rwandan Kivu.

I choose their Vanilla that morning which is a mild and milky vanilla latte. Lucky for them I like my coffee mild.

While they don't have the finesse of Seattle Coffee Company or the enthusiasm of Vida e Caffe, there is something very earthy and alluring about Motherland that will have me going back for another cup. Even if it is their comfortable couch nook!

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