Monday, June 20, 2011

Cape Town Coffee Chronicles

I happened to have a day of meetings in Cape Town today and luckily got to fly in last night. Which meant I could get a coffee run in, well coffee bean run, this morning before my first set of meetings at 08:00am. I was in search of Ethiopian coffee for the bf and a few bags for a colleague. Today was a lovely slightly chilly Cape Town morning but surprisingly dark at 07:00am.

My first stop is Truth, which has an industrial feel, with a art gallery on the one side, then barista and huge bags of beans stacked on the other.There is one other customer sitting outside coffee in hand and I am welcomed by the friendly baristas and the strong, chocolatey smell of coffee beans.

On the pick up at Truth were the Resurrection beans and the antithesis blend. I also managed to squeeze in a caffe latte as well, piping hot and smooth with a kick, which was well needed. The barista asked me if I had seen anything like it, referring to the barista foam art. I said no, because I have no idea what this is, I guess a sea horse?! 

Next stop is Haas coffee which is two blocks up and three blocks across in Bo Kaap. It has a very cosy feel and is coupled with the Haas store (Haas design). My pick up here was a The Jailbreak, which is a strong Ethiopian blend. I also had another latte, this made of the Malawi blend which is stronger than the Truth latte but lovely nonetheless, a real kick in the ***.

So by the time I got to my meeting at eight I was all abuzz!

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