Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A slice of Martin Senekal decadence - can you say mini cakes?

I have no idea how I stumbled across this, this morning at work. Considering the my work is not at all foodie related. But since coming across it, I can't get the miniature cakes out of my mind. Unfortunately, it's not on the Jozi foodie fix track but in Cape Town.

It's Martin Senekal confectionery designs http://www.martinsenekal.com/ and what wonderful designs they are. Also with some interesting flavour profiles and combinations. As soon as I can work out a same day delivery service I'm ordering what looks like a piece of heaven.
The fact that they're mini make them all the more appealing, it packs some serious eye candy with only mini cake size calories, Oh yeah!
These are my top picks of cakes I'd try based on the picture alone on the website.

I love lemon cake! Lemon cake with italian meringue & sugared lemon slices

To try something new! Green tea cake with black sesame &cream cheese and candied pineapple

Because the raspberries channel Marie Antoinette Vanilla cake raspberry frosting, belgian white chocolate and fresh raspberries

For the chocaholics Chocolate cake with cocoa frosting, ganache and pistachio truffles

If these live up to the way they look, I would for sure have them at a wedding. Actually who am I kidding, I'd even create an occasion to have them on display. I mean just looking at them don't you just die?

Channelling my inner Rachel Zoe "I Die!"