Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday lunch in The Attic

Just had sunday lunch at the Attic in Parkhurst, for the bf to meet the best friend. I thought somewhere cosy like the attic would be appropriate. And if I needed a drink, which thankfully I didn't, the Attic can do those well too.

 I ordered the Sunday roast which was a pork roast and crackling with an apple sauce and gravy, young seasonal vegetables and potatoes. The pork was perfectly cooked and tender topped wonderfully with a tart apple sauce. The potatoes were crispy outside and soft inside, although a large helping by my standards. But the older man next to me had no problem polishing them off. The vegetables were perfectly cooked, carrots still had a slight crunch.

Although the service left a lot of wanting, it was made up for by the perfect piece of crackling. Compliments to the chef! But the waiter was less than attentive and distracted, which meant I ended up walking to the entrance to pay the bill and he says "I hope you enjoyed the afternoon" to which i replied "It was fine" but I doubt he read between the lines.

What I loved about this lunch is that it's home style comfort food made to perfection. Nothing could pale the comfort I got from the crackling that needed both hands to break in half and crunch, crunch, crunch!

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