Monday, June 27, 2011

Today's craving - seared duck breast

I have actually had this craving for over a week. Duck breast with crispy skin on a bed of bok choy. My first restaurant stop would either be OyO in Bedfordview or The Orient in Melrose (they're part of the Thai Africa group so basically the same menu), for the duck breast with plum sauce. However I have a secret weapon at home my brother, who does restaurant quality duck breast, well any meat in fact!

I found this recipe online (I love google!) and will be trying it out this week sometime. I live next to Cyrildene, so I think I should be able to source my ingredients in our little Chinatown.


I just love the way slightly salty bok choy compliments duck. I also think the famous blueberry reduction may go well with it. I still can't edit myself, so the options will be tamarind and lemongrass sauce or blueberry reduction.

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