Monday, September 10, 2012

Pescatarian Chronicles: The weekend edition

I have to confess that I have decided that i'll allow myself a piece of meat once a week. Why you ask? Well my brother made a man's dinner on Friday night with roast lamb rack and ribs with chips. I could not resist.

Saturday was filled with vegetarian pasta for lunch and a Vedure pizza for dinner. The Vedure is from Cornuti in Illovo. The CornutiVedure is a thin based artichokes, sundried tomato, olive, onion, mushroom, and green pepper topped pizza, also I added a few anchovies for the salt factor I love.

Sunday lunch was spent at Tasha's Melrose Arch again, this time I ordered the seared salmon on cooked lentils with asparagus. I love salmon it had a great sear and I love lentils, so in essence I was happy. The dish is tasty but next time I'll ask them to hold the fresh tomato that's added to the lentils.

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