Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pescatarian chronicles: Oats & Haddock

So day 3 was a manic Tuesday, all I could grab in the morning were two bowls of oats with honey, cinnamon and raisins. Yes I got that idea from Vida e Caffe. I was convinced I'd be able to survive the entire day on the oats but at 2pm I felt the hunger pang, so off to Woolworths I went. It's down the road from my job.

I decided to try the Oriental prawn and noodle pot salad. All that needs to be done is tear open the dressing sachet pour over the noodles, crunchy carrot, cabbage, spinach slaw and prawns then give it a mix. This is definitely someone looking for an uber light meal.

Dinner was poached haddock with a green salad, alas I was starved and didn't take a picture.


  1. In case no one told you... I am diligently following your chronicles, your food choices sound yummy so far. I don't think I'd survive without meat, I'm low on iron and I use the "red meat is the best source of iron" fact as an excuse :-)

  2. Yay thank you!
    So far so good and I'm on Day 5