Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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Post Breakfast Lunch in Braamfontein, corner Juta and De Beer streets, has become my Saturday weekly. The running club starts and ends around the corner and a run is always followed by either a cafe latte or a full on breakfast. I love walking in to the sounds of Vinyl and the smell of fresh brew on a Saturday morning.

It's a no fuss order at the counter and take a seat joint.  I have to say purely from the looks of it, Post's menu has almost everything I could want for breakfast and brunch, at a fantastic price. I say almost because my favourite eggs benedict is not on their menu.

The french toast with honey, camembert and figs is perfect for the cheese lover. Though you have to be a honey lover too, drizzle deluxe. The french toast isn't overly sweet itself, sliced and layered with smokey camembert and drizzles of honey. Topped with a preserved fig (I love konfyt). It's delish! It's vegetarian, so you know I had to add a side of bacon.

It's not just honey, there's mead

The Greek yoghurt with fruit and halva is a must for those who love a decadent breakfast. The Yoghurt is full cream/ full fat lol just the way I like it!
Greek yoghurt
The homemade lemonade is not to be missed!
Lemonade it's homemade
Post is warm and efficient with everything made to order right in front of your eyes. Perfect for a quickie coffee or Braamfie people watching during the week and Saturdays. Great price point! If you're a big group come early, because it is small, and head to the tables in the courtyard.

I have to warn you the guy with the beard at the counter is as dry as they come, but this adds to the charm I must admit.

70 Juta street, Braamfontein
072 248 2078
Mon - Fri 06:30 am - 4pm
Sat 08:30 - 2pm

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  1. It is a hipster hangout of note - the unfriendly attitude is not counterbalanced by the food which is average. Think I prefer the Wimpy!