Thursday, April 18, 2013

Have you heard of Zomato?

Zomato is the newest entrant in the Jozi, well South African, online restaurant guide sphere. Zomato is an online restaurant guide with a presence in India, the UK, Sri Lanka, Qatar and now South Africa. It offers menus, ratings, reviews, maps and contact details.

It launched last week and I'm acquainting myself with it as I write. I have set up a Jozi Foodie Fix profile which you can go ahead and follow here.

It's Johannesburg database has approximately 2000 restaurants, it covers take away spots along with restaurants from cheap and cheerful to high end fine dining.

The feature I like in particular is that it is super interactive, I can follow specific Foodies & Super Foodies. Basically you can create your own go to guide within Zomato by following specific Foodies and Super foodies and make restaurant choices based on their reviews.

Zomato also has a top "foodies" tab which is a leader board made up of Zomato users that have the most followers and have contributed the most reviews. We are all ranked as foodies and work towards the ultimate, which is a Connoissuer, described as "The Ultimate snob. Knows his/her food. Widely respected in the Zomato community." Onward with the pursuit of ultimate snobbery lol!

Just when you thought this was it, theres an App! The App detects your city and your current location and offers suggestions in your proximity. You can of course explore restaurants by location and cuisine or search for something specific you're craving.

Add Zomato to your online restaurant go to guides. I have because I like to have as much information as I can at my disposal.

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