Wednesday, April 10, 2013

If you're in Cyrildene: Gangnam Korean BBQ

My friend Amy (of Littlemissconceptions) invited me to dinner at Gangnam Korean BBQ in Derrick Avenue, Cyrildene. As you expect from Derrick Avenue, don't judge a book by its cover or by it's lumo green sign in Gangnam BBQ's case.

The restaurant is filled with sets of wooden tables and chairs. Each of the tables have a special centre feature, all the better to barbeque with. Amy was designated barbeque lady for the night.
Once seated and orders made, the waitresses brings out hot coals and sets it inside the table centre and then we're ready to barbeque. Next the waitress sets an assortment of pickles on the table along with lettuce leaves. The assortment of pickles includes pickled cucumber, potato pickle and a small serving of kimchi (pickled vegetables).

We ordered three meat items; the marinated beef short ribs, marinated pork rashers and chicken wings. The meat is marinated in a salty, umami, slightly spicy marinade.  The marinated pork is served with two dips; a spicy chilli sauce and a salty poppy seed dip. If you eat pork I recommend it highly. The idea is that once the meat is cooked you take a lettuce leaf and fill it with pickles, meat and the dipping sauces. The lettuce is a wonderful neutral cold element that balances the warm, spicy & salty meat. As our side we ordered beef noodles, these are no ordinary noodles but translucent sweet potato noodles. There are splendid and unexpected.
I enjoyed the evening, it's great for interacting and the restaurant is perfect for a quiet one on one dinner or for a group dinner. My next trip will be with a group, so that I can try a larger variety of dishes. 

Step out of the ordinary and instead of your usual spot try something new this week. I would suggest making a booking if you plan to go over the weekend.

Gangnam Korean BBQ
28 Derrick Avenue, Cyrildene

Best for: A group dinner. The fish balls are a MUST try.
Going back for: The outside bbq night, where skewers of chicken wings & skewers of fish balls are barbequed or braaied on site. 

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