Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The City Bakery buffet style

Looking for wholesome & healthy then city bakery is a goodie. That is if you consider a chocolate room healthy, which I of course do.The City Bakery is ideal for those who work in the area looking for variety and a good meal in 30 minutes. It has a wide range of savoury and sweets on offer.
Grilled cheeses, bruschetta

Chicken wings, fried chicken, mac 'n cheese

After circling the buffet twice, I opted for healthy Israeli couscous salad with a side of wholesome slightly crispy, spicy chicken wangs. It was all super tasty but a little warming up is needed. I added a non-alcoholic sangria, which conceptually made sense but for me the wine was missing. For the South Africans the non-alcoholic sangria tasted a bit like purity baby juice.

In the chocolate room

The City Bakery is great for freshness and variety, also my brother recommends their brunch time french toast.
3 West 18th Street, NY

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