Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday = Smorgasburg

Saturdays for me are market days, off to Williamsburg I went for a food market fix at Smorgasburg.

The Smorgasburg is a melting pot if people; families, hipsters & a sprinkling of cool kids. Too many options so little time!
Jerk Chicken
Meat sandwiches
Drip coffee

I settled for Handsome Hank's shrimp and chips. Squeeze of lemon on the lightly battered shrimp a dip in tartare and pop nom nom nom.

Dessert was a lemonade with a scoop of the most beautiful cucumber white wine mint sorbet in it. Über refreshing!
Happy market day! If you're in New York head to the Smorgasurg it's right on the water.

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