Monday, July 23, 2012

Late night sweets at the Momofuku Milk Bar

Had a serious sweet craving the other night so hopped on a bus crosstown to the Momofuku Milk Bar on the upper west side.

No surprises the Milk Bar was full of customers trying to get their fix and the most popular item ordered was the crack pie, yes you read right the crack pie. Cookies, pie slices, and soft serve ice cream in cereal milk flavour.

If you want a piece of Milk Bar at home they have lots for sale cookie mix, cereal milk mix and of course signed copies of the Momofuku cookbooks.

So this is my Milk Bar fix, a set of truffles, a slice of crack pie and an Arnie Palmer (half ice tea half lemonade) to wash it all down. The crack pie is a buttery sweet salty filling almost condense milk type filling in a toasted oats crust.

The truffles are strawberry lemon, b'day cake and mint cookies 'n cream. My fave was the sweet tart strawberry lemon truffle is a sweet tart bite. The b'day cake tastes like a ball of all sorts of hundreds and thousands.

Momofuku Milk Bar (upper west side)
561 Columbus ave

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