Friday, July 27, 2012

A taste of Fatty Crab

My brother recommended Fatty Crab as a must go to while in NY, so off to Fatty Crab I went. Stepping in from the rain to a bustling restaurant with a bar in the back, it turns out they jotted down our reservation incorrectly so we had to wait 15 minutes for a table but I'll put this down to lost in translation. Though I have to note I have a great American twang which I use when calling, that's right Boo!

We were told that ordering five dishes would be a good amount for the three of us (my mum, aunt and myself). I took the liberty of ordering the watermelon pickle & crispy pork, green mango & papaya salad, oysters, chili crab, pork buns and the fatty duck.

The green mango and papaya salad is not for the faint-hearted it is fiery hot with fresh slices of chilli. But tasty with a balance of ginger, green mango, ripe mango and sweet papaya.
Green mango & papaya salad
The pork buns, are alas not Momofuku buns, and lacked a little lustre. It was in need of a little cucumber and radish pickle with a bit of oyster sauce.
Pork buns
The pickled watermelon with crispy pork belly was interesting. The textures complimented each other with the soft watermelon and the crunchy yet soft pork.
Pickled watermelon & crispy pork belly

The best dish of the night was the chili crab served with two doorstop slices of white bread. The crab is cooked in a sweet coconut cream based sauce that has an ever so slight hint of chilli. Delish! I even tucked my napkin in my shirt cos "I'm just mobbing like that" lol!
Chili crab
Oh you're waiting to read about the fatty duck, well it didn't ever reach our table. So will have to try it next time.
Dessert was a coconut-lemongrass panna cotta which had the absolute perfect wobble with a sweet savoury taste to it.
Coconut-lemongrass panna cotta
Get your hands dirty and sink your teeth into Fatty Crab! Do let me know what the fatty duck is like.

Fatty Crab
2170 Broadway, Upper West Side, New York

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