Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hampton Chutney Dosas

This post is for those gluten-free people like my mum. Dosas are crispy crepes made from rice with a slightly sourdough taste. On my Upper West Side trip I was given a recommendation to try Hampton Chutney for their Dosas.

 I asked for the most popular dosa curry chutney chicken with spinach, balsamic onions & a side of cilantro (coriander) chutney. 
It's packed full of flavour; spicy and turmeric yellow. What they don't tell you is that a dosa is huge, like Akhalwaya's AK huge, so go hungry! 

I could only get half way because I had to save some space for a yummy mango lassi.

Hampton Chutney Co.
464 Amsterdam Avenue, Upper West Side, NY

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