Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beefing it up in NY, Burgers!

You can't come to the US or New York without having a burger. And i am in the company of a friend who loves a good burger, so her and I went out in search of the good burger 'lol'. We didn't manage to find the gourmet burger that could rival 44 Stanley's Salvation Cafe, but we found a couple of tasty burgers.

Cheeseburger from Soho Park. The burger is great although the patty is a tad thin but to be honest I didn't notice that until I had almost finished my burger. Non-greasy, flavourful burger. The fries/chips are phenomenal and guess what YES they are pre-salted, just the way I like it. Have it with their refreshing lemonade.

The shack burger from the Shake Shack. It's a cheeseburger with shack sauce, lettuce and tomato. I added pickles/ gherkins and onions just to round it off. The burgers are made medium unless specified otherwise. It is moist on a soft bun, slightly greasy but so satisfying. With pre-salted fries!
The shake shack burgers are great but their hand spun shakes/ milkshakes are even better. Thick, rich, smooth and creamy. I'd recommend the black&white, it's a vanilla milkshake spun with some chocolate sauce.
What's in the bag?

Can I take your order? 

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