Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cupcake Wars in the Big Apple

I got the name of this blog from a show I've been watching out here, Cupcake Wars on the food network. So that inspired me to find the best cupcakes I could given my short time here.

In first place "DRUM ROLL" are the mini Cupcakes from Baked by Melissa
I tried three of the flavours:
  1. New York Cream (mini of the month Sept), which is a wonderful custard filled vanilla cupcake with a slight bit of vanilla icing and chocolate swirl. It also has a delicate salty touch which balances the cupcake
  2. Cookies and cream is an Oreo cupcake. It's a chocolatey cupcake with a chewy oreo centre yum O "mum said chocolate isn't good for dogs"
  3. Finally Smores, a chocolatey, chewy cupcake with a graham cracker centre, homemade marshmallow topping with chocolate icing.
These mini cupcakes are the perfect indulgence, just small enough not to feel guilty.

Next up is the Purple Elephant Cake Boutique where I had two normal sized cupcakes, "oh the guilt, the guilt"
  1. the sweet and salty, a condense milk cake paired with salty caramel buttercream topped. It is wonderful, there's just something special about a sweet salty combination and this one is a winner for sure!
  2. Triple Citrus, lemon lime and orange zested vanilla cake with Meyer lemon buttercream frosting. The cupcake itself was fantastic, just the kind of moist, citrus, sweet and tart cake I've been looking for. But the lemon buttercream frosting was too little lemon and too much sweet.
Tomorrow, I'll pass the Two Little Red Hens to see if they have cupcakes that can compete.
 If you're in Jo'burg be sure to grab Red Velvet cupcakes from the Patisserie, and white chocolate cupcakes from I Love Cupcake

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