Sunday, September 19, 2010


So I'm back home on the Jozi Foodie Fix Cool, but already there are things I will miss about being in New York. The diversity of food that I came across from noodle bars and cannolis in the East Village, to mild cafe lattes and waffletruck on the Upper East Side. It's also foodie tv heaven with shows like the Great Food Truck Race and Top Chef (my favourite favourite). But now down to the real stuff, what food will I miss the most.

Sandwiches from Olives in Soho, it's a little nook where you hope you get there at a time when the red bench is free otherwise you'll be forced to sit on offices steps or the sidewalk and enjoy your sandwich. But trust me the sandwich is worth sitting on the sidewalk.
The Olive's hero is a must try! It's sweet and spicy coppa, Genoa salami, aged provolone, olive tapenade, marinated onions, romaine and tomatoes on sourdough. It's a salty, smoky hero of a sandwich. If you happen to stop by on a cold day I recommend their red and yellow tomato soup with corn, it's rich tomato flavour without too much acidity and the sweetness of the corn contrasts amazingly.
PinkBerry frozen yoghurt, the most refreshing thing to have on a hot day and it's the healthy alternative.  Mango and pomegranate swirl topped with mango, raspberries and kiwi, Love IT!

Bubble tea, between Soho and Chinatown, this was me being adventurous, it's flavoured tea with black tapioca balls in it. The tea is served with a huge straw that allows for the tapioca balls to pop up into your mouth as you sip. I chose the passionfruit which was great. It's a sweeter (less tart) version of woollies granadilla juice and it's just like eating it fresh with a pop of tapioca ball, the tapioca balls are soft and have a stretchy yet soft texture. Great, refreshing drink but if you have food texture issues beware the tapioca balls!
Most of all I will miss the food trucks especially my beloved waffletruck, Sundays on the Upper East Side 86th Street between 2nd and 3rd Ave. The soft and chewy liegewafel with strawberries and cream, and a generous helping of powdered sugar that always finds it's way down the front of my top. Perfect combination and sweetnes! I leave the truck happy, with a smile and a sugar laden top! You can't look at that and tell me you don't want a bite.

If you told me there's only one thing I could recommend, it would be the Waffletruck and the liegewafel for sure! This experience gives your two things 1 exposure to the culture of food trucks, something we don't have in Jozi or dare I say it South Africa. And 2 it's the best wafel ever, soft and chewy not too sweet topped with fresh strawberries and cream, my mouth waters as I type.

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