Sunday, September 12, 2010

Serendipitous New York!

I've just gotten back from a spontaneous late night chocolate fix. Decided I had to go to Serendipity (yes the Oprah Frozzzen Hot Chocolate) before I leave NY, which happens to be tomorrow. So off we go and guess what at midnight there is a five minute wait for a table for two.
Serendipity is very quaint and we're seated in the upstairs chandelier and glass butterfly roofed area.
I start with the Frozen Hot Chocolate, which is wonderful although it freezes you down to the bone at this hour. It is rich in chocolate without being overly sweet made with crushed ice and topped with cream. My favourite part of this was putting a spoonful of cream dunked into the Frozen hot chocolate into my mouth. It's the perfect summer hot chocolate.
Next I ordered the Serendipity Hot Chocolate to warm me up before I go into the night breeze. The hot chocolate is topped with a heavy helping of whipped cream, sprinkled with cinnamon, orange rind and chocolate shavings. Decadent! The hot chocolate I would say is sweet for the average person, but perfect for me. The citrus orange rind cuts through the rich chocolate flavour and is matched well by the cinnamon. Now I fear I'm about to fall into a deep, chocolate induced sleep.

Warning chocolate lovers only, not for the fainthearted!

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  1. It sounds deliciously decadent indeed what a pity I am not a chocolate fan! No review on the dinner in the Meat Packing District at Fig and Olive?