Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's in a Food Truck?

Something that the USA has, that South Africa doesn't, are food trucks. As you know my favourite favourite in NY is the Waffletruck. So what is a food truck you ask? It's a mobile food vendor, that can offer anything, the only thing missing from a food truck are the tables and chairs restaurants have. However they do have endless pavement!

Two of my favourites in NY are sweet food trucks, because my sweet tooth tends to get the better of me.

Street Sweets that offers great whoopie pies in chocolate and pumpkin. I must say the moist pumpkin blows the chocolate totally out of the water. The pumpkin whoopie pie is sweet yet not overly sweet, with great hints of all spice and a vanilla filling. It was by far the best item I've had from them.
The Macarellas are a Street Sweets' invention and they are crunchy (like crunchies the roasted oaties one) with a soft sweet nutella filling. Great texture contrast but nothing beats the pumpkin whoopie pie. It tastes like Christmas or happy, but I have positive associations with both so it just tastes Awesome!

Street Sweets choc whoopie pie, pumpkin whoopie pie (front), red velvet cupcake, macarella (back)
I’m not sure if I should say more about the Waffletruck ( and all its yellow glory), but TOO LATE! I will. Outside of having the best liegewafel in the world, they also offer a range of interesting flavour combinations like the bbq pulled pork wafel or debacon syrup wafel. Follow them on twitter and they give  tasks to do to get an extra dinge/topping. Here are a few examples:

  •  Reciting a Shakespearean sonnet 
  • Order your wafel as you would if you were caught in a tornado 
  • Waffle cheer

 They’re always friendly and are keen to get to know their customers’ stories. Mine being a South African girl with a penchant for sweets, and a waffle craving that crosses continents. They even respond to my tweets *shy smile slight blush*

Have a look at what Food Trucks can do on The Great Food Truck Race. I'm all Food Truck happy!

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