Friday, May 4, 2012

Ample helping on my Fisherman's Plate

Headed to our very own Chinatown (as Derrick street Cyrildene is affectionately known) for dinner at Fisherman's Plate over the weekend, wanted to take the man to some place less assuming also he's a sucker for Asian cuisine so it was win win. Fisherman's plate is about as unassuming as it gets - trust me! The interior is strictly bare bones chair and tables no frills and very bright ligthing - all the better to see you with.

We ordered the deep fried garlic prawns, seafood rice and sizzling beef. The sizzling beef is wonderful! Tender with a peppery flavour and balanced salty sweet component. The green peppers and onions are perfectly crunchy. It offers the tender, crunchy, salty, sweet and peppery combo without being overpowering.
Sizzling beef
The garlic prawns are not for the faint hearted, but perfect for a salt lover like myself. Salty, with ample garlic flavour crunchy on the outside with soft sweet prawn on the inside. These are meant to be eaten head, tail and all.
deep fried garlic prawns
The seafood rice is what I'd expect of a seafood chow faan. It had subtle seafood flavours, with pieces of shrimp, clam and calamari. It went suprisingly well with the sizzling beef. I didn't even touch the jasmine rice.

Generally the items on the menu are winning combinations of Indian and Chinese flavours, as this restaurant is owner run by a Chinese & Indian husband wife duo. I can also vouch for the crab dishes, sublime! Fisherman's Plate in Cyrildene is a great no fuss Asian food experience, I would recommend that you bring your own bottle of wine and a big group

Oh and don't judge the book by it's cover!

Fisherman's Plate
18 Derrick Avenue, Cyrildene
011 622 0480


  1. Ooh yum! The chilli crab! Fisherman's plate is awesome! Making me hungry this post is!