Thursday, May 24, 2012

Taming the Beast of the Deep

Wolves Cafe hosted a tasting of Brewers and Union's latest The Beast of the Deep. So being the occasional beer drinker that I have become, in the last year to be exact, oh how I miss Eurotripping, anyway off to Wolves  I went.
The invitation
Arriving promptly at 17:30 with a girl friend who has never had a beer, we ordered the Beast to share. Perhaps this was too strong a beer for a first timer but she handled it with gusto. It seems we were a tad eager, and clearly better at keeping time than the promo-woman because she arrived as we were half way through our beer. But she did offer free top ups oh yeah oh yeah

The Beast is out to tell you it's a beer, strong with 6.5% to my usual yellow/ gold Steph Weiss and Brewers&Union lagers' 5%. A strong lager that says boldly I am a beer!

Taming the Beast was easy! I enjoy the Brewers&Union lager (the gold label) and this is one up from that in terms of strength but also smooth.

For those who are interested there's the Jozi craft beer festival on Saturday

Happy crafting!

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