Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tequila Tuesday: Melrose Arch hotel Library Bar

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Today I've come down with the flu but usually I spend Tequila Tuesday (Wednesday or Thursday) at the Melrose Arch hotel Library Bar. It's really cosy and perfect for winter evenings with the fireplace, although be warned it does tend to fill up for the upper crust slightly "older" after work drinks crowd at 6pm and then is pretty clear from 8pm onwards during the week. It's great if you're looking for an intimate chat or a quite game of pool. It also stays open late, and as long as a hotel guest is present you could be there till 3am - oh I've said too much.
My weekly stop includes a shot of gold tequila and a passion fruit mojito - not to be missed! Cocktails are as you'd expect from a hotel at around R50-R60 depending on what you've ordered.
Tequila's all round
And we love the snacks that come with the drinkies! The library bar is what I'd classify as an oldie but a goodie!

Happy Tequila Tuesday-ing!

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