Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Woolworths Nicolway Opening

The press, totally chuffed that I'm part of the press, was ushered into the Nicolway W Cafe at 07:30 am. Yes can u believe it 07:30 am, so you know I was in need of a coffee.
Anticipating the early morning grumples a croissant of your choice, chocolate or plain, was served with whipped butter and strawberry jam and then your coffee order was taken - Honey Nut Latte for me please! The croissant was soft, buttery and flaky with the perfect accompaniment of whipped butter and strawberry jam.

Opening remarks by Ian Moir (Woolworths CEO), Zyda Rylands (MD of Food) and Jorges Theodosopoulos (Store Manager), then it was off on our store tour in groups led by Woolworths' representatives.
Jorges, Ian and Zyda
The opening also featured the Masterchef SA contestants Lwazi Ngoma and Berdina Schurick cooking up a storm with Matserchef SA judge Benny Masekwameng on commentary
We ended the morning with a bit of chit chat and breakie. I had the pleasure of being in the witty company of Herman Lensing (Sarie food editor) and Barbera Joubert (Sarie Kos). I have to say that the W Cafe kitchen was overwhelmed on day 1, and orders took forever to get to tables. The slices of brioche I ordered had great flavour but alas was cold. Our conclusion was that they should have focused on the journos as well as special guests and only opened to customers once the opening event was done.
Goodie bags on the way out. It was filled with the award winning Royal Ashton cheese, a kabeljou fillet, 4 day aged steak, pickled onions and a rye loaf. Oh along with dishwasher liquid and a USB.

The steak, cheese, pickled onions and rye loaf just screamed sandwich. Slices of rye rubbed with garlic & olive oil seasoned with salt topped with horseradish sauce, medium done slices of steak, ashton cheese and pickled onions. Oh I may have squeezed a few slices of pear on top, more is more! lol

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