Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Woolworths' first Supermarket at Nicolway

A lot of foodie fixing has happened this past weekend and it started off with the opening of the Woolworths Supermarket in Nicolway shopping centre Bryanston last Thursday (26 April 2012). This store has been 2.5years in the making, so I was prepared to be wow-ed.

Zyda Rylands (the MD of Food) was spot on when she said that Woolworths Nicolway has the mind of a supermarket and the soul of a deli!
It is everything you expect from a Woolies and that much more. What is that much more do you ask? A butchery, a bakery, a fishery all that's missing is the candlestick maker. The difference is these aren't just counters but there are meat, fish and decadence aka bread experts on hand around the clock.

Suzy the cheese specialist

Now the bakery isn't just a bakery, it's also a deli and it has a barista who makes a delicious honey nut latte - to go. The deli offers the usual rotisserie chicken as well as roast pork belly and roast beef, they'll fix you any sandwich you like right there on the spot. Think roast beef with tomato slices, rocket, mustard or horseradish.

Another treat in the bakery section are the donuts, not just your run of the mill cinnamon but they also offer lemon curd and salted caramel donuts. That little something extra!

Zyda also said one of the aims of this store was to turn the Woolworths basket customer into a trolley customer. This means offering household necessities and accessories including brands other than the Woolworths branded products.

Woolworths Nicolway is big on customer service and the customer experience, which is much needed in the South African market. This includes offering extras such as the customer service hub. For those who don't like grocery shopping fear not, you can call into the customer service hub and place your grocery order with them and someone will do the shopping for you. All you need to do is come in add a few deli items and be on your way.

I like the feel of the Woolworths Nicolway it is more spacious (yes bigger aisles) and has great flow. You move from the fruit and veg world to the dairy world then oils and vinegar world.... I'm sure you get my point. If you're in Jozi and you happen to be in Bryanston area pop into this Woolworths, it has an almost European feel to it.

Did I mention there's a W Cafe too!

Woolworths Nicolway Bryanston, located in the new Nicolway Bryanston Shopping Centre, Cnr William Nicol Drive and Wedgewood Link, Bryanston, is open seven days a week from 08h00 to 20h00

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