Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tequila Tuesday: Cinnamon tequila shot

I am back on Tequila Tuesday this week, with the flu long gone and forgotten. I'm trying to convince a few girl friends to join me for a drink at The Attic bar in Parkhurst this evening. I love the easy going hipster feel and their passion fruit mojitos. Also it's close to home so catching a taxi at the end of the night won't cost much.
Yes I know you're noticing a trend Tequila Tuesday = a shot of tequila + passion fruit mojito

I must confess I have a mineola (we didn't have any oranges at home) and a bottle of ground cinnamon in my handbag. Nothing beats a cinnamon tequila shot, to be precise Anejo with an orange slice and cinnamon 
Courtesy: google images & http://www.blushblog.com/blushblog/2009/12/christmas-cocktails-holiday-fun-for-all.html

My Tequila Tuesday tune The Weeknd - The Birds Pt 1. Taking a shot for the birds, the latest & the greatest!

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